Video Production – What Your Website Is Lacking

The ability for the Internet to process and distribute information is one of its most productive features. With more than 1 billion websites on the Internet, the competition to rank number one grows more intense hourly. Different companies are always filling the void for advertising and information. One-third of the total online activity comprises of videos. With the number of Internet videos on the rise every day, it is pertinent that a website that makes use of videos put their all into video production. A site that has not been making use of videos should learn the importance and try it out. If you are a regular Internet user, you would agree that you do not spend more than 10 seconds on a video before you decide to stop or keep watching. What makes a video stand out? If you have posted a video to market, a product and that video look like it was made by a two-year-old, the possibility of that video bringing sales is very slim. This is because anyone who plays it would believe your company is controlled by amateurs. If you have a website that has videos, then it is important that you learn the value of legitimate and quality video production.


The importance of a good website video

  1. Clarity of message: It is not always easy to dispense your information online with just words and a few pictures. Marketers may face a challenge in communication when they use too many words. The consumer may not be patient enough to read through and understand the message. Using a video would enable you to pass the exact message in less time than it takes to read a lengthy article. A strategically crafted web video is sure to provide the customer with the information.
  1. Modernization: Back in the year 2000, the idea of visiting a website without images became obsolete. Embedding videos on your site are now status quo. Users have come to embrace, appreciate and anticipate videos online. To keep up with the trend website owners must learn to keep their site up to date. A site may, in reality, provide the best services on the planet, but it would be faced with too much competition if it doesn’t keep up.
  1. Emotion: No matter how beautifully written an article might be, it often fails to convey emotions entirely. The articulation of a speaker’s voice, as well as the colors from the screen, are things that naturally capture a user’s interest. Users have more emotional reactions to videos and text than only text. Users can pay more attention to the message and less on stimulating a mental picture. Most people who read text create a mental picture of what they read while they read it.
  1. Return on investment: The rationale behind every business is to make a profit. What better way to generate profit than make objective investments. An individual who has raised enough capital to found a company should not hold back from making needed investments to ensure the continuity of that business. Online shopping is growing more popular daily. People fancy getting what they need from the comfort of their homes. E-commerce websites are in every corner of the web. If you want to captivate your audience and build a loyal customer base, you have to make your viewers feel your product is THE BEST. Websites with videos tend to increase conversation and sign up rates. Investing in video production would pay off soon.
  1. Search engine optimization: 62% of Google searches comprise of video searches. Pages that have videos apt to have a higher click through rate than those without videos. . The more the user stays, the more products and services the user is likely to come across.

There many other reasons why website owners should seek out video production. However, the five benefits stated above should be enough to convince you of what your website is lacking.